USound is enabling a new paradigm for audio smart systems in portable devices.


USound MEMS micro speakers are smart components designed to fit seamlessly into Smartphone main boards, they are power management friendly and programmable for the best efficiency in a wide range of working conditions. The components can include audio amplifiers, audio codecs and passive components embedded into an acoustic package with complex 3D features; this allows for designing products that are thin, light, power efficient and smart in nature.


USound is committed to improve the consumer experience by providing a better sound within a compact form factor. Our MEMS transducers are miniaturized at levels only reachable by the precision of silicon batch processing and microelectronics assembly. They fit well into the ear canal and show an intrinsically low heat dissipation. USound sub-miniature smart components are perfectly positioned to fit into the next generation smart headphones.


Helping people enjoy life by supporting the hearing sense with innovative healthcare solutions.


USound sub-miniature speakers deliver an innovative technology to the market of hearing aids.

The acoustic performances are married with the intrinsic capability to interface to modern healthcare sensors monitoring for example blood parameters or movement information. Our offer include transducers and electronic components designed and developed at system level directly with the customer: the collaboration ranges from system definition to transducer design, development and prototyping to custom manufacturing.



We are exploring new frontiers to bring the audio consumer experience to the next level.


Integration with smart Microphones

MEMS Microphones have already changed the audio innovation landscape in portable devices. We imagine a future where speakers are digitally connected with microphones into smart audio systems. A further step toward audio augmented reality functionalities.

Acoustic Beamforming with MEMS Arrays

Focusing sound into a specific area in space is a great challenge that can profit from the availability of a high number of miniaturized, integrated micro speakers. In the future, communication applications will allow consumers to enjoy the advantages of acoustic personal spaces.