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Ganymede Family

With their compact size, Ganymede speakers (Achelous and Adap) are the perfect addition to a traditional speaker. Easily retrofitted into standard enclosures, designers can improve trebles or implement 3D-audio solutions. Learn more about Ganymede by downloading the datasheets:

Achelous datasheet
Adap datasheet



USound is currently finalising the design of its first Amalthea devices. Expected to be prototyped in 2018, they will replace and improve on standard microspeakers. Learn more about Amalthea and Carme by downloading the datasheet:

Amalthea datasheet 




Taygete is an innovative reference design that allows music and gaming enthusiasts to enjoy impeccable natural surround sound. 14 built-in MEMS, a pair of dynamic speakers and an intelligent control unit facilitate this fascinating 3D audio experience. Learn more about Taygete:

Taygete brochure
Article in the DAGA 2018 proceedings (partner: IEM / KUG)


Reference Designs

To evaluate the MicroSound technology platform and facilitate product development, USound offers various reference designs.


USB-C earphone based on Ganymede family. Download more information about Megaclite here:
Megaclite product brief
Megaclite user guide
Conductor Simone Zuccatti on Megaclite


Amplifier board for MicroSound devices with BlueTooth and DSP. Download more information about Ananke here:
Ananke amplifer user manual


Reference design for AR/VR glasses. Download more information about Iocaste here:
Iocaste datasheet





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