Redefining the innovation potential of audio transducers: the advent of silicon speakers.


Silicon is one of the most versatile materials available in terms of electrical and mechanical properties; the success of microelectronic CMOS and of MEMS devices in the recent years testify its importance in modern technology evolution.

The innovations in materials, silicon integration and packaging make it possible to produce a very new generation of MEMS acoustic transducers. Piezoelectric materials on silicon have been optimized in their properties and performances, combining linear response with high energy density; the integration in tridimensional MEMS architectures is the key to reach unprecedented manufacturing precision and repeatability for an electro mechanical audio device; modern semiconductors packaging solutions enable us new, very effective ways for interfacing complex microelectronic systems with the analog world.

USound is leading this technological convergence by designing novel audio smart systems that integrate electronics circuits (ASIC), MEMS micro speakers and passive components in one device with thin and compact form factors.



Batch production process, high repeatability, high yields, great miniaturization and quality within a scalable manufacturing infrastructure.


Microelectronic components, MEMS transducers, passives and interconnections are integrated and embedded enabling smart systems functionalities.


Low power consumption, low heat generation, power management friendly, intrinsic closed loop control operation.


Thin, light and compact form factor, combined with complex 3D features (i.e. acoustic channels and cavities) and easy integration in portable electronic devices.


Arrays of MEMS transducers for beam forming of acoustic waves (Personal Acoustic Space); smart systems for the next generation of augmented reality devices.


USound solutions

USound micro speakers are designed to fit into modern audio and communications products, they are available in several sizes and form factors and their performance can be precisely tuned to meet the most demanding requirements. They can be fitted inside ear molds, integrated into earpieces or fitted into speaker boxes.

Our products are delivered with integrated amplifiers, additional electronics can be added on customer demand; our team will help you in designing, and implementing the optimal design to meet your requirements.