MEMS Speakers for Ultrasonic Applications

USound MEMS speakers are the ideal audio solution for ultrasonic applications, such as wideband ultrasonic distance sensing. Ultrasound, the use of high-energy sound waves, has been utilized for measuring distance. Contrary to popular belief, ultrasound is not exclusively used for monitoring a fetus’ development in the womb. From domestic appliances and lifestyle gadgets to medical and industrial devices, ultrasonic distance sensing helps with range finding, user detection, obstacle avoidance, and many more functions that enable numerous products to operate properly.

Consumer electronics companies are always on the lookout for new components that can be used in ultrasonic applications. Due to their unparalleled audio performance at the most compact size on the market, USound speakers are the optimal ultrasonic component. Our MEMS technology can optimize the development and production of numerous devices, including common home appliances, popular lifestyle gadgets, industrial applications, and emerging entertainment devices.


MEMS Speakers for Ultrasonic Sensing

Ultrasonic sensors are non-contact sensors that use wave signal travel to calculate the distance between the point of wave origin and an object. MEMS speakers can be used as ultrasonic components for measuring distance.

USound’s Conamara microspeakers in particular, achieve wideband flatness and optimal efficiency in the ultrasonic frequency range (above 20 kHz), making them the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

USound MEMS Speaker Benefits for Ultrasonic Applications

USound speakers are approximately 20 times smaller than the average ultrasonic component. Due to their small form, they can be seamlessly integrated into miniaturized devices, reducing the device’s weight while freeing up space for additional components. At the same time, USound MEMS speakers provide excellent acoustic performance, achieving wideband flatness in the ultrasound frequency range, with the ability to select the desired operational frequency without SPL loss. Additionally, the wideband flatness enables our customers to modulate the signal and make it unique for a more robust system.

Our MEMS speaker advantages for ultrasonic distance sensing include:

USound Speakers for Ultrasonic Sensing

USound offers advanced MEMS-based audio solutions for various applications. Our Conamara microspeaker series fulfills the requirements for ultrasonic sensing and can be used to optimize the development of a wide range of products, including entertainment devices, lifestyle gadgets, industrial applications, and home appliances.

Conamara UA-C0503-3T Datasheet

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