Ganymede series MEMS speakers

The MEMS speakers from the Ganymede series are ideal for creating modern earphones and headphone designs as well as wearables such as audio glasses and AR/VR glasses.

Thin form factor

With a thin form factor of 1.6 mm, MEMS speakers from the Ganymede series produce above-class audio quality and enable lightweight, ergonomic hearables and wearables.

Hi-Res audio

Ganymede MEMS speakers provide natural and precise audio output up to 20 kHz, making them the best choice for earphones, headphones, augmented reality glasses, audio glasses, and virtual reality glasses.

No magnets

USound MEMS speakers are the only loudspeaker on the market with no ferromagnetic materials. Achelous UT-P2016 is the ideal microspeaker for manufacturing MRI-compatible headphones and earbuds.

Reliability and repeatability

USound MEMS speakers enable a fully automated manufacturing process, and the part-to-part variation is the lowest in the audio industry. USound MEMS speakers comply with international reliability standards to ensure robustness and stable performance over the product lifetime.

Design MRI-safe headphones

USound’s Ganymede series is perfect for designing MRI-safe headphones.

Our MEMS speaker UT-P2016, which contains no ferromagnetic materials, can be uniquely used in environments with high magnetic field strength, such as MRI scanners.

Design lightweight and modern wearables

USound’s MEMS speakers are perfect to miniaturize devices with high component density, such as AR/VR glasses and audio glasses.

Due to the thin form factor of the MEMS loudspeaker, an ergonomic and slim audio temple can be designed without compromising sound quality. With USound MEMS speakers, glasses can also be enhanced with natural and appealing sound and protected from audio leakage by using USound’s patented dipole solution.

Fauna Audio Glasses exploded view highlighting MEMS speaker

Design premium quality earphones

Due to its unmatched sound quality and thin form factor, USound’s MEMS speakers are the ideal loudspeakers to take hearables to the next level. Full bandwidth can be achieved with a single MEMS speaker, reaching precise natural sound and resulting in an outstanding listening experience.


Technical Data

Achelous UT-P2016

Adap MEMS speaker with plastic cover

Ideal for manufacturing modern MRI-compatible earphones where no metallic parts are desired.

Resonance frequency: 2.7 kHz
Capacitance: 27 nF
Size: 6.7 x 4.7 x 1.56 mm

Acoustics in coupler
SPL @ 250 Hz / 15 VP: 115 dB
SPL @ 1 kHz / 15 VP: 117 dB THD @ 250 kHz / 1.4 VP: 0.2%

Achelous UT-P2016 Datasheet


Achelous UT-P2020

Adap MEMS speaker with metal cover

Perfect for headphones and earphones. Includes a metallic protective cover for increased robustness during handling.

Resonance frequency: 2.7 kHz
Capacitance: 27 nF
Size: ⌀ 6.7 x 4.7 x 1.58 mm

Acoustics in coupler
SPL @ 250 Hz / 15 VP: 116 dB
SPL @ 1 kHz / 15 VP: 118 dB THD @ 250 kHz / 1.4 VP: 0.3%

Achelous UT-P2020 Datasheet


Adap UT-P2023

Adap MEMS speaker with metal cover

Ideal for augmented reality (AR) glasses, virtual reality (VR) glasses, audio glasses, and mixed reality (MR) glasses.

Resonance frequency: 2.9 kHz
Capacitance: 27 nF
Size: 6.7 x 4.7 x 1.58 mm

Acoustics Baffle
SPL @ 4 Hz / 15 VP: 71 dB
THD @ 4 kHz / 5 VP: 5%

Adap UT-P2023 Datasheet


Other documentation

USound MEMS Speakers Handling guide


USound MEMS Speakers Unboxing Guide


Step-File Ganymede series


Lumped Parameter Model (LTSpice) Ganymede Series


Evaluation and development boards


Amalthea 1.0 UA-R3010

With a frequency range of up to 80 kHz, Amalthea 1.0 UA-R3010 is a linear amplifier capable of driving up to 40 USound MEMS loudspeakers simultaneously.


Helike 1.0 UA-E310

The Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 development board allows you to evaluate, prototype, and design audio solutions utilizing the most advanced MEMS speaker technology. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi and can be used as a standalone component.