MEMS Speakers for Audio Glasses and Open-Ear Audiowear

USound MEMS speakers are the optimal audio solution for open-ear applications, such as audio glasses. “Open-ear” is a term used to describe a number of audio devices that do not enter the user’s ear canal but are rather placed in proximity to the outer ear. A great example of such devices is a pair of audio glasses that combines the functions of wireless earphones and prescription/sun/blue light filter glasses in one product.

Types of Audio Glasses

Audio glasses are wearable devices – types of smart glasses, to be more precise- that allow users to take phone calls and listen to their desired audio. They are also categorized as Bluetooth® glasses, as they normally offer wireless connectivity and can be paired to other devices. Audio glasses often combine the functionalities of regular specs, replacing the user’s prescription glasses and/or sunglasses. Therefore, audio glasses are often described as:

USound MEMS speaker from the Ganymede series compliant with MRI compatible headphones

USound MEMS Speaker Benefits for Audiowear

There are multiple reasons why customers opt for open-ear audio devices, such as audio glasses. The main advantage is the ability to enjoy a natural listening experience. Although immersive, noise-canceling headphones and earphones are on the rise, an increasing number of customers are searching for devices that minimize isolation and increase their awareness.

To achieve this while minimizing sound leakage to increase the user’s privacy, manufacturers are on the lookout for speakers that provide excellent audio performance. Moreover, the size of the speaker matters. The most desired audio glasses have sleek and lightweight frames. USound microspeakers are the ideal audio glasses component, as they fulfill the size and performance requirements.

In a nutshell, the benefits of MEMS speakers for audio glasses include:

USound’s solution for smart eyewear in particular includes the patented Micro-2-way system. The microspeaker splits into two separate components – a woofer for low frequencies and a tweeter for high frequencies – increasing design flexibility for manufacturers. Moreover, USound offers a patented dipole design that safeguards the user’s audio privacy. Two ports form an acoustic dipole that lowers the sound pressure level (SPL) on the horizontal plane, minimizing sound leakage while maintaining the quality of the user experience.

USound Speakers for Audio glasses

USound offers a wide range of MEMS-based audio solutions for open-ear devices. The Ganymede microspeaker series has been designed considering the specific requirements of audio glasses. Moreover, USound offers the Danube rapid prototyping platform for AR/VR and audio glasses, which features USound’s 2-way audio system.

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