Due to its versatile mechanical and electrical properties, silicon has taken over the microelectronic and micromechanical worlds. Thanks to CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) technologies yielded by this material, electronic devices can interact with our surroundings. This combination has created various product categories and allowed miniaturized speakers to be on the market.

Initially patented in 1877, the electrodynamic speaker is a holdover from the 19th century, still surviving in our 21st-century products as one of the few functions in audio products not having transitioned to solid-state technology.

USound developed and patented a unique MEMS speaker technology that allowed further miniaturization of microspeakers, exceeding market demands featuring exceptional audio performance, resolder flow capabilities, flexible integration, and maximizing design capabilities.

USound technology principle

USound’s technology relies on the piezoelectricity effect. Multiple piezoelectric cantilevers push a piston up and down, replacing the traditional coil used in electrodynamic and balanced armature speakers. A membrane and a plate increase the effective area, optimizing the acoustic performance of the microspeakers while keeping the speakers thin.

USound MEMS speakers enhance the audio performance of hearables and wearables.


The thinnest high-performing microspeaker in the market

USound’s MEMS technology enables the manufacturing of microspeakers up to 1.6 millimeters in thickness. USound MEMS speakers are the thinnest microspeaker on the market, producing outstanding audio quality and enabling lightweight, ergonomic hearables and wearables.

Exceptional reliability and repeatability

USound MEMS speakers enable a fully automated manufacturing process, and the part-to-part variation is the lowest in the audio industry. USound MEMS speakers comply with international reliability standards to ensure robustness and stable performance over the product lifetime.

Maximum integration flexibility through solder reflow

As a result of USound MEMS technology’s combination of SMT reflow soldering capabilities and the thin form factor of microspeakers, it is possible to automate picking and place assembly processes, which reduces production costs.

Premium sound quality

USound MEMS speakers are engineered to exceed market demands. Thanks to USound’s patented MEMS technology, our microspeakers feature exceptional sound quality in the thinnest form factor, delivering above-class audio performance and fulfilling hi-res audio requirements.


Discover the myriad of applications of USound MEMS speaker technology.