Greip 1.0 UAM-C1001 dual speaker audio module

Greip 1.0 UAM-C1001 dual speaker audio module was designed to exceed the requirements of wireless earphones and in-ear monitors. Incorporating cutting-edge Silicon Rubber Technology and a USound MEMS speaker, the Greip audio module offers unparalleled audio performance and integration flexibility. The audio module was created in collaboration with OBO Pro.2.

Extended Speaker Bandwidth Up To 40 kHz

Greip 1.0 is designed to perform well above 20 kHz into Hi-Res territory. The module boasts an electrodynamic driver enhanced with Silicon Rubber Technology, ensuring robust and dynamic bass output.

Seamless Integration

The audio module’s small size
(∅ 10 mm x < 4 mm) makes it the ideal solution for seamless integration into miniaturized devices.

Plug & Play Solution

A single-input dual-speaker module with a 4 kHz crossover and an integrated ASIC audio amplifier for the MEMS tweeter, enable manufacturers to achieve their desired audio experience.

Optimized for ANC Earphones

Due to its unparalleled performance, Greip 1.0 is the ideal solution for high-performance active noise cancelling (ANC) earphones.

Available Now

Greip 1.0 UAM-C1001 is available for purchase.
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Greip 1.0 resulted from the collaboration of USound and OBO Pro.2.