USound MEMS speakers are engineered to be power-efficient, robust, reliable and deliver the best audio performance on the market in a compact package. USound’s versatile MEMS speakers excel in several applications, including true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) glasses, audio glasses, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, and more.

True wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds

The future is wireless. USound MEMS speakers are the best choice for designing high-performing power-efficient true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds. The ultra-compact form factor of USound MEMS microspeakers enables further miniaturization and modularization, saving space for add-ons, components, and a larger battery to maximize playtime.

AR/VR glasses

USound MEMS speakers offer powerful solutions to enhance the audio of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) glasses. Their seamless integration allows the size reduction of the glasses’ temples, offering more design flexibility, without compromising sound quality.

Fauna glasses

Audio glasses

USound MEMS speakers enable the utmost flexibility in designing the thinnest temples for concealed technology and lightweight glasses. With USound’s patented two-way audio system, users are ensured maximum privacy while enjoying open-ear technology, with total awareness of their surroundings.

OTC hearing aids

USound MEMS microspeakers provide high-quality audio to design advanced over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. Designed to maximize PCB space and enable the possibility for add-ons, such as bio-sensors. USound speakers enable the production of discreet, ergonomic, and robust devices for mild to moderate hearing loss.


By achieving wideband flatness and optimal efficiency in the ultrasound frequency range, USound MEMS microspeakers fulfill the requirements for ultrasonic sensing applications. Due to their lightweight and slim form, they can be easily integrated into various products, allowing further miniaturization and design flexibility.

MRI / Medical Devices

Due to the absence of ferromagnetic materials, USound MEMS speakers can be safely integrated into magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) headphones. Moreover, they are suitable for electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensitive applications, since they do not generate a magnetic field. Their size, robustness, and audio quality make them the ideal solution for a wide range of medical devices.

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