Make a real impact in the fast-changing tech and audio industry. As pioneers in the cutting-edge MEMS speaker technology, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals that share our passion for creativity and innovation. Join us, and let’s continue revolutionizing the tech industry.

Office USound

Our culture

We are a diverse, ambitious team with a pioneering mindset. We are passionate about helping companies build top-notch audio systems based on MEMS technology.

We promote a supportive and inclusive environment where every team member feels welcome. Our team members are open-minded and flexible, have no fear of taking risks, and are always taking proactive steps to fulfill our goals and outperform industry standards.

Discover our vision and mission

This is us and our office space

“Most colleagues work great together, and this is what makes working here worthwhile.”

“In and between departments colleagues are nice and supportive.”

We offer great benefits!

Here are some of them


Lunch and snacks are on us! Grab lunch in the canteen or a snack from the buffet. Do you feel like mixing it up and ordering enchiladas, sushi, or a super healthy bowl? Whether you are in-house or home office, it’s your call, you can order food, and it’s also on us!


Free Refreshments. Coffee anyone? Yes? We got you! Tea? We got you! Hot Chocolate? We got you! Take a break and enjoy a hot beverage in the Coffee corner.


German classes. How would you like to kick-start or perfect your German Language skills? We will cover this for you and host classes even in-house to improve your conversational skills.


Public transportation. No need to worry about getting stuck in traffic! Relax on your way from home to the office using public transportation. We are glad to sponsor your “Jobticket” for even more relaxation.


There are always sweets around. Chocolate or cake? Be it that someone brought it or the boss went on a shopping spree in Italy and brought some fancy sweets.


Home office. Balance is the key to success! At USound, you have the freedom to work from home or from wherever you need to.


Development. We want you to stay at the top. Book a class, and we will cover the costs.


Events. Christmas party, sports activities, or a big launch party! There is always fun at USound events.


Work-life-friendly. USound provides you with a flexible, supportive environment to organize your schedule.


Future provision. After 6 months with USound, the company pays 25 Euros to a fund for you. The money stays with you also after you might have left USound.


Bonus. As we work in a team, there is a bonus for everybody according to performance and special efforts.


Sports events. We work great as a team, and we also want to show it at sports events. USound covers, for example, starting fees for charity runs.