Hi-Fi audio system DIY kit

Proteus 1.0 UY-E2010

The Proteus 1.0 UY-E2010 DIY kit includes the key elements to build a custom Hi-Fi audio system based on USound’s design Proteus 1.0. The result is a fully-fledged MEMS speakers-based Hi-Fi system boasting clear and crisp audio with a frequency range of 2-20 kHz.

Premium sound

The Proteus 1.0 UY-E2010 DIY kit includes an array of 40 USound MEMS speakers from the Ganymede series featuring a flat SPL curve over the frequency range of 2-20 kHz, enabling the design of a multiway custom-made Hi-Fi loudspeaker.

MEMS speaker array amplifier

The kit includes a linear amplifier enabling driving USound MEMS speaker arrays. The amplifier frequency range goes up to 80 kHz, and it can simultaneously drive the 40 MEMS speaker array.

Design flexibility

The ultra-flat speaker array enables building a custom-made Hi-Fi audio system with a unique industrial design. The kit includes a horn that perfectly fit the speaker array enabling more output level up to 10-15 dB SPL and a homogeneous 360° radiation in the horizontal plane.

Experiment with USound MEMS speaker arrays and create a custom-made MEMS speakers-based Hi-Fi audio system. Download the data package and build your version of USound’s reference design. The main items needed are:

More details are available in the data package.

Proteus UY-E2010 DIY Kit


What is included in the Proteus 1.0 UY-E2010 DIY kit?


USound MEMS speaker array

Custom amplifier

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