Gemini 2.0 UAM-C1102 dual speaker audio module

Gemini 2.0 UAM-C1102 dual speaker audio module is the perfect solution for true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and in-ear monitors (IEMs). Due to its integration flexibility and excellent acoustic performance in an extended range of frequencies, Gemini 2.0 enables manufacturers to design the most advanced audio products. Created by the collaboration of USound and Luxshsare-ICT, this highly integrated audio module comprises Luxshare’s electrodynamic woofer and a MEMS tweeter from USound’s Conamara series.

Extended Speaker Bandwidth Up To 40 kHz

Gemini 2.0 is designed to perform well above 20 kHz into Hi-Res territory. The woofer facilitates greater compliance, improving the sound pressure level (SPL) in high-leak scenarios. The Conamara MEMS tweeter provides outstanding audio clarity and high-frequency extension.

Seamless Integration

Having two acoustic output ports on the same plane not only optimizes the audio performance but also reduces the module’s size. The compact solution facilitates seamless integration into wireless earphones and IEMs, enabling further miniaturization.

Adjustable Crossover

The dual speaker module enables manufacturers to deliver their desired audio experience.
Gemini 2.0 offers unlimited flexibility in setting the suitable crossover in multiple ways.

Optimized for ANC Earphones

The integrated electrodynamic woofer is designed to perform in high-leak scenarios, making
Gemini 2.0 the ideal solution for high-performance active noise cancelling (ANC) earphones.

Available Now

Gemini 2.0 UAM-C1102 is available for purchase.
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Gemini 2.0 resulted from the collaboration of USound and Luxshare-ICT.