Active Linearization Algorithm

USound’s Active Linearization Algorithm (ALA) is a signal processing software tool. It provides audio systems developers with an additional measure for reducing total harmonic distortion (THD) in over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids and in-ear true wireless stereo (TWS) headphones. ALA can be applied on top of an existing system that is already optimized to improve the THD performance. This is achieved by digitally compensating the non-linearities of the speaker digitally with a dedicated signal processing algorithm developed specifically for USound MEMS speakers.


THD reduction

With ALA, MEMS speakers can reach a THD of 3% or lower. The THD improvement can be especially beneficial for TWS applications, such as Hi-fi headphones and over-the-counter (OTC)
hearing aids.

Real-time processing

In audio applications, real-time processing on a digital signal processor (DSP) enables a system to process audio signals without any perceptible delay or lag, resulting in better sound quality and improved user experience.


Easy implementation

Using pre-compiled C libraries can simplify the implementation, reduce development time, and result in more efficient and reliable code. The C libraries are compatible with the firmware of the most common Bluetooth® SoC’s on the market.

Customized for each MEMS speaker

The ALA coefficients are customized for each USound MEMS speaker type. They are obtained through measurements and analysis of each speaker type. The ALA coefficients are used in the dedicated signal processing algorithm for reducing the THD.

Integrated into Helike 1.0

Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 is a ready-to-use development board for demonstrating speaker performance. Helike 1.0 with the integrated ALA algorithm supports customers in evaluating the THD performance of MEMS speakers. Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 can be used to showcase
the ALA algorithm.

Helike Integration

Make sure to keep the Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 firmware up to date. We are continuously working on new features and compatibility.

DSP Firmware for Helike 1.0 UA-E3010
Latest update v3.4.0 – Jan 2023

Audio device configuration for Helike 1.0 UA-E3010
Latest update v3.4.0 – Jan 2023


Application Note

ALA UA-S1010 Application Note


Available Now

USound’s Active Linearization Algorithm (ALA)
is already available. You can request it by contacting
our sales department.

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