Use case: Cloud-based multi-physics simulation for MEMS speaker design and development

During the last two years, USound participated in the EU-funded project Fortissimo 2 (part of Horizon 2020), which aims to introduce high-performance computing to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

The target of the project was to use the High-Performance Cluster at the University of Stuttgart for further development of our Comsol Multiphysics FEM simulation and for a possible acceleration of the SPL and THD simulations needed in the development process.

The project finished in October 2018 and was quite a success, showing that speeding up the standard simulations significantly is possible. An SPL simulation with high resolution to predict the performance of the speaker currently takes up to 1 day; using parallelization, it can be reduced to roughly 1 hour. Additionally, it gave USound the opportunity to ramp up complexity to understand the limits of the models.

Read the success story here