Rapid prototyping platform for AR/VR and audio glasses

The Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050 is a rapid prototyping kit for AR/VR and audio glasses, providing the best-in-class ratio between audio performance and the required mechanical volume to enhance the audio of glasses. The Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050 features a 2-way audio system combining a USound MEMS tweeter and an electrodynamic woofer embedded in two audio temples. The kit is designed to operate with the Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 development board.

Superb audio quality

The Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050 kit features a wide audio bandwidth (300 Hz–20 kHz) and delivers competitive SPL at small space consumption.

Dipole configuration

The Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050 audio temples use USound’s patented dipole configuration and optimized acoustic design to reach maximum audio privacy over a wide audio bandwidth.

Easy mounting mechanism

The Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050 features a mounting mechanism that can be easily moved for reproducible positioning of the audio temples during measurements. The audio temples are symmetrical and can be mounted on both sides of the test glasses.

Compatible development board


Helike 1.0 UA-E3010

Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 allows the evaluation of the acoustic performance of Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050 as well as rapid prototyping of AR/VR glasses and audio glasses. The development board has MEMS speakers and electrodynamic speaker amplifiers to drive the audio temples. It features open-source software as well as PC-based configuration software for acoustic tuning. Equalization presets are available on Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 for Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050, which could also be customized by demand.

Technical documentation

Danube 5.0 UAM-P2050 product brief


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If you are looking for a custom audio solution to design AR/VR glasses or audio glasses, we can tailor-make a design to meet your specifications. Contact us to let us know about your project and get started.

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