Evaluation board for ASIC linear audio amplifier

Tarvos evaluation board 1.0 UC-E3010 provides access to the key features of the basic linear audio amplifier Tarvos 1.0 UC P3010. It allows acoustical performance measurements of USound MEMS speakers in combination with the Carme kits. Tarvos 1.0 UC-P3010 is included in the Tarvos
evaluation board 1.0 with default configuration to provide optimized performance of the USound MEMS speakers.


Optimized configuration for Conamara or Ganymede MEMS speakers series.

Available gain

It can be chosen among 18, 24, or 30 dB for better fitting the target application.

Power consumption measurements

Possibility to measure the supply current.

Fully differential inputs

The input terminal allows a fully differential analog input, and the resulting signal can be monitored at the fully differential output terminals.

Compatible with Carme Kit

USound’s Carme kits enable the testing of our speakers’ acoustic performance.

Carme kit UJ-E1040C06, UJ-E1040C05 & UJ-E1040G00 Product brief


Carme 2.0 UJ-R1020 Quick guide


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Tarvos Evaluation Board 1.0 UC-E3010 User Manual