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USound and Minami Sign Partnership to Facilitate New Collaborations with Top-Tier Brands

The partnership between USound and Minami will enable a greater number of manufacturers to integrate USound’s patented MEMS speaker technology into a wide range of audio products. Leveraging its expertise in the acoustic sector, Minami will be assisting global businesses in enhancing their products with advanced MEMS solutions.

Graz, Austria, 30 April 2024 — USound, the leading global provider of MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) speakers, announced today its partnership with Minami Acoustics Limited, the renowned Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) specializing in Acoustics Technology. Together, the two companies will further facilitate the adoption of USound’s patented MEMS technology by leading brands.

Minami is a leading manufacturer of audio products with over two decades of expertise in the Acoustics Industry. Operating on a global level, Minami manufactures a wide range of electronics, including tailored earphones and headsets for some of the world’s leading brands. Using its extensive network and proficiency in supply chain management, Minami will be supporting global brands looking to integrate MEMS microspeakers into advanced audio products.

For more than a decade, USound has been fulfilling its mission to innovate, develop, and manufacture advanced MEMS speakers, which are silicon-based transducers that convert electrical signals into acoustic energy. Thanks to their superior design properties, USound MEMS speakers can be seamlessly integrated into any audio device, providing an ultra-wide audio bandwidth with a superior experience for the users.

By May 2024, USound had already announced the development of several new MEMS-based audio products by leading brands, including Luxshare-ICT, Soranik, and Nordic Neuro Lab. By using silicon actuators to produce sound, USound is not only elevating the product offering of audio manufacturers, but also empowering consumers with an enhanced audio experience. As USound’s partner, Minami will be enabling businesses to develop high-resolution audio products, such as true wireless stereo (TWS), open wearable stereo (OWS), headphones, and over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. The integration of MEMS microspeakers gives leading brands the opportunity to find a competitive edge and develop the most advanced products, offering a superior audio experience.

We are excited to partner with Minami, and we look forward to working closely with them to develop and manufacture higher resolution audio products,” says Andrea Rusconi-Clerici, Chief Technology Officer at USound. “Acknowledging the value of strategic partnerships, we are thrilled to combine MEMS Loudspeakers technology with Minami’s expertise and together offer innovative audio solutions and products to their top-tier brand customers.”

We are thrilled to join forces with USound in this exciting venture, where innovation meets superior audio quality,” adds Terry Zhang, Chief Executive Officer at Minami. “Our extensive experience in consumer electronics, particularly within the acoustics industry, aligns seamlessly with USound’s groundbreaking technology. We look forward to working closely together to meet our collective goal of enhancing the consumer offerings of top-tier brands. It’s exciting to see what new possibilities for high-resolution audio products we might unlock in the future, and we are confident about the positive impact it will have on the industry.”

About USound

USound is a fast-growing MEMS speaker company that enables its customers to bring new revolutionary audio products to the market. USound’s unique selling proposition is based on radical miniaturization, power reduction, and increased production efficiency. USound’s audio products are safeguarded by over 370 patents. Learn more by visiting

About Minami

Established in 1995, Minami boasts a rich history of expertise in the Acoustics Technology sector and proficient Supply Chain Management. The diverse product line encompasses microphones, speaker boxes, and wired/wireless headsets tailored for consumer, professional, and commercial applications. In addition, Minami (Stock Code: 301383) has successfully landed on ChiNext board on June 09, 2023. In the future, Minami aims to bridge the gap between humans and technology, a future wherever-improving technology enhances every aspect of daily life, from entertainment to healthcare. Visit

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