USound & Physical Synthesis to Send the Tiniest Speaker to Space

USound announced the use of its MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) speakers in the creation of a musical instrument that only works in zero gravity. Selected by the company Physical Synthesis for its non-magnetic properties and small size, USound’s Conamara is set to be the tiniest speaker series to orbit the Earth.

Graz, Austria, October 31st, 2023 — USound, the leading provider of advanced audio solutions from Austria, announced that it has been selected by Physical Synthesis, a US-based hardware startup that builds state-of-the-art musical instruments, for the completion of a challenging space project named “Blue Marble: Put a Musical Synthesizer in Space!”. The project entails the design of a zero-gravity synthesizer that will be launched into space on November 7th aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Both companies express their honour and excitement to be part of a mission that requires dedication, attention-to-detail, and a forward-thinking mentality.

“A major hurdle for Physical Synthesis to play sound and music in our Blue Marble Synth satellite was that magnets are basically forbidden since it would change the direction of our spacecraft. When we discovered USound, I was relieved not only that it was a magnet-free solution but that sound was amazingly good. We are thrilled to be working with USound on this first project and what will likely be many more.” – Spencer Topel, Founder of Physical Synthesis

“In 2014, USound presented the first MEMS speaker to the world. In less than a decade, we have been selected as the trusted provider for a space musical project. This achievement would not have been possible without our dedication to deliver the best audio solutions on Earth, and now in space.”

– Ferruccio Bottoni, USound’s CEO

Project Blue Marble

In partnership with Odyssey SpaceWorks, Physical Synthesis has designed a one-of-a-kind musical instrument named “The Blue Marble Synthesizer”. It is the first-ever music synthesizer that can only work in space and that can be used to experiment with sound. The instrument consists of a pressurized capsule, a network of sensors in a low earth orbit satellite, and a web-based interface for people to play with here on earth. The latter will be used as an earth-bound command centre for project supporters to create music by sending and receiving data to and from the capsule.

In Search of The Right Speaker

One of the requirements for completing the project was the integration of thin, non-magnetic speakers that could operate in zero-gravity. After careful consideration, the US-based startup selected USound as its MEMS speaker provider for this project. A key factor for this decision was the interest in integrating the Conamara full-range speakers and tweeters, which are known for their thin form and robustness. Their tiny size, non-magnetic properties, and reduced power consumption offer unlimited design freedom, even in the absence of gravity.

Conamara is one of USound’s MEMS speaker series, designed to deliver exceptional audio quality and allow unprecedented design flexibility. The speakers are part of the company’s Kore audio module, which, in combination with Tarvos 1.0 linear amplifier, provides the perfect solution for such a demanding project.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

The Blue Marble Synthesizer will be launched into space on November 7th, 2023, aboard the Space X Falcon 9 rocket. The latter is the first orbital class rocket capable of reflight. The synthesizer will then be deployed from the rocket and start orbiting around earth every 90 minutes. During the orbital mission, electronic musicians Andrew Huang, Trovarsi, Benn Jordan, and MAYSUN, will be composing original music using the Blue Marble Synthesizer.

About Physical Synthesis

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