Introducing USound’s Dual-driver Audio Module

Revolutionizing Sound Quality and Mechanical Integration.

Luxshare-ICT and USound have developed Gemini, an innovative audio module that offers numerous advantages through its coaxial 2-way audio technology. With a combination of high sound quality, improved ANC-capability, and easy integration, this dual-driver module allows manufacturers to differentiate their products from the competition.


USound and Luxshare-ICT have recently unveiled a joint innovation, an integrated dual-driver module for true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds. In this article, we delve into the benefits of combining multiple speaker technologies this way.

The Innovation: Gemini

In the increasingly competitive market of TWS earphones, consumers expect further acoustic optimization. Wireless earbuds should not only be small and lightweight but should also deliver exceptional audio quality. As already described in another article (Two-way TWS: Why USound MEMS speakers are the ideal tweeter to maximize sound quality), MEMS speakers can facilitate this.

This module was named Gemini after the Latin word for “twins”, showcasing the use of two (non-identical) combined speakers. The core of the innovation is the integration of USound’s Conamara MEMS tweeter inside a toroidal electrodynamic woofer, creating a 2-way system. Aside from the two loudspeakers, the Gemini module also includes:

Benefits of Dual Driver Audio Modules:

The Gemini audio module offers a multitude of advantages that set them apart from conventional solutions:

Benefits of Coaxial Speakers

USound’s and Luxshare’s dual driver audio module employs a patented coaxial speaker design where the MEMS tweeter is not placed in front of but inside the woofer, which introduces additional benefits:

Maximizing Acoustic Output and Flexibility

Figure 1: Nominal SPL performance of the woofer and MEMS tweeter separately. The tweeter path also includes the amplifier. Nominal input voltage: 179 mVrms; also shown is the maximum SPL achievable by the tweeter (880 mVrms into the amplifier). Measurement condition: 60318-4 Coupler (‘711’) including ear-mould adapter.


USound’s and Luxshare’s dual driver audio modules are show many benefits in sound quality, ease of integration and size. By combining cutting-edge technology with customer-centric design, USound solidifies its position as an innovation leader in the audio industry.


The Gemini audio module is under development (DVT-phase) and some parameters may change for the final product.

About the author

Jakob Spötl works as head of acoustics in the R&D department of USound. Before joining USound in 2015, he finished his studies of electrical and audio engineering at the TU Graz. LinkedIn