USound MEMS speaker integration with pogo pins


Mechanical and electrical integration of USound MEMS speakers

One of the significant advantages of MEMS speakers is the possibility to be easily integrated into a wide variety of products. Due to the very small form factor, MEMS speakers can be used in technologies requiring more minimal designs, such as TWS, audio glasses and ultrasound applications. This article will go through some essential aspects concerning the electrical and mechanical integration of MEMS loudspeakers that are of fundamental importance to obtain the best possible results.

Electrical integration

The Ganymede series of MEMS speakers all have the same connection pads on the backside. The pads are shaped differently to mark the polarity of the connection.

USound MEMS speaker Ganymede series

Several options are possible for electrically connecting the speakers to the system:

Manual soldering USound MEMS speakers

Mechanical integration

The mechanical integration of MEMS speakers is as important as the electrical integration to achieve the highest sound quality. Sealing the front volume from the backside of the speaker is critical to obtain the best acoustic output. This can be achieved with three methods:

Gasket for USound MEMS speakers

To reduce manufacturing costs, using glue may be the desired method. Yet, the usage of a gasket offers the advantage of compensating mechanical tolerances as well as the possibility of non-destructive disassembling.

To summarize, both mechanical and electrical integration are key aspects in order to achieve optimal acoustical results from the loudspeakers. Thanks to the extensive internal research in both MEMS loudspeakers and reference designs, USound provides full customer support on the integration of USound MEMS loudspeakers in many applications, such as in-ear headphones, speaker arrays and audio glasses.

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About the author

Marco Rinaldi is a Technical Sales Engineer at USound. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and Sound Engineering, he now provides customer support on the integration of USound MEMS loudspeakers.