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Whitepaper: Active Linearization Algorithm for USound MEMS Speakers

Low distortion at high SPL are the main requests every acoustical engineer has on every audio product; this is especially true for miniature speakers where size is limited. USound MEMS speakers are not immune to this area of conflict. This whitepaper describes the Active Linearization Algorithm (ALA), a signal processing method of improving USound MEMS speakers’ linearity to reduce the overall THD significantly.

As commonly known, MEMS processes can achieve very tight manufacturing tolerances, resulting in very precise components. MEMS speakers are no exception to this. Due to the MEMS die being the central part of USound’s MEMS speakers, the product behavior is also very consistent and deterministic. Knowing this feature poses the logical improvement possibility of modifying the audio signal beforehand to compensate for the known non-linearities of the MEMS Speaker. USound calls this procedure Active Linearization Algorithm (ALA), and it is built upon 3 concepts. This white paper explains how they work and how they can be implemented.

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