Dione Sound Stripe

Sound strips

Dione Maxi UY-R3020 and Dione Mini UY-R3010

This new approach to microspeaker arrays transfers the LED strip concept to acoustics. The flexible sound strips are a suitable audio solution for existing non-audio products, used as an array of tweeters in a typical Hi-Fi multiway system.

Ideal for Smart speakers

The flexible sound strips are ideal for applications where audio is added on top of an existing design or as a tweeter array in a Hi-Fi multiway system.

Maximum Design Flexibility

The Dione MEMS speaker array enables the integration of speakers on any surface regardless of their shape, creating a flawless design. The bendable PCB allows mounting loudspeakers in devices with high component density and unconventional aesthetics without creating acoustic blind spots.

Premium Hi-Res audio

Having a wide bandwidth and high precision, USound MEMS speakers provide crisp and vivid audio. In an array, it enables the creation of directivity patterns.

Optimal reliability

The Dione sound strips are protected from mechanical damage. USound MEMS speakers comply with international reliability standards to ensure robustness and stable performance over the product lifetime.

Dione Maxi UY-R3020

Dione Maxi UY-R3020 consists of an array of 20 Adap MEMS speakers from the Ganymede series and an external amplifier to drive them.

Technical Data

Acoustic baffle @30 cm
SPL @ 4 kHz / 620 mVrms: 83 dB
THD @ 4 kHz / 620 mVrms (83 dB): 10%

Dione Mini UY-R3010

Dione Mini UY-R3010 is an array of 15 Adap MEMS speakers from the Ganymede series with an integrated amplifier to drive them. It contains 3 segments that can be separated or extended using a connector to meet different target specifications.

Technical Data

Acoustic baffle @ 30 cm
SPL @ 4 kHz / 620 mVrms: 80 dB
THD @ 4 kHz / 62 mVrms (59 dB): 1%

Compatible development board


Helike UA-E3010

Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 allows the evaluation of the acoustic performance of Dione Maxi UY-R3020 and Dione Mini UY-R3010, as well as the rapid prototyping of any Hi-Fi audio system which requires speaker arrays. Helike 1.0 UA-E3010 features open-source and PC-based configuration software for acoustic tuning and has equalization presets, which are available for on-demand customization.

Technical Documentation

Dione Maxi UY-R3020 Product brief


Dione Maxi UY-R3020 Quick guide


Dione Mini UY-R3010 Datasheet


See Dione in action

Transferring the concept of led into acoustics

USound’s Dione sound strips are a novel approach to loudspeaker arrays that allows unprecedented design flexibility.

Demonstrator: Proteus 2.0

Proteus 2.0 is a speaker system consisting of a bass box with one 6.35 mm woofer and three sound tubes containing 20 MEMS speakers in an array, producing a homogenous clear surround sound.

USound for OPPO x Kengo Kuma

USound contributed to the multisensory landmark Bamboo (竹) Ring :|| Weaving a Symphony of Lightness and Form exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2021. This version of the installation features a layer of technology to engage all the senses with music through a series of orchestral scores composed by Japanese violinist Midori Komachi with Musicity. This was made possible by combining haptic motors, USound MEMS speakers, and exciters producing an immersive experience.