USound & Luxshare-ICT Introduce Gemini 2.0 Dual Speaker Audio Module for TWS & IEMs

Gemini 2.0 audio module was designed to exceed the requirements of true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and in-ear monitors (IEMs). Created by the collaboration of USound and Luxshare-ICT, Gemini 2.0 is now available on the market.

Graz, Austria, June 6, 2024 — USound, the leading global provider of MEMS speakers, announced today the availability of a new dual speaker audio module that was created in collaboration with the notable global designer and manufacturer Luxshare-ICT. In 2022, the two companies had announced their collaboration for the development of a new audio solution that would fulfill all criteria for true wireless (TWS) earphones. The development is now concluded and Gemini 2.0 UAM-C1102 dual speaker audio module is available for purchase.

“We proudly announce the availability of the most advanced audio module for TWS and IEMs. Gemini 2.0 exceeds market demands by providing unparalled audio performance in an ultra-compact form; a development that was made possible thanks to the harmonious and fruitful collaboration with Luxshare-ICT. Here at USound, we look forward to seeing our innovative audio components facilitate the production of state-of-the-art consumer electronics products, such as TWS earphones and advanced IEMs.”

-Ferruccio Bottoni, USound’s CEO

“The cooperation between two companies has enable Luxshare-ICT to design and manufacture of Hi-Res audio oriented headsets by a hybrid solution. This 2nd-generation co-axial driver is more compact and supports a physical crossover which can fundamentally improve the IMD-Intermodulation distortion in TWS headset applications. We are happy to continue our journey and commitment to bring to end customers the premium sound solutions by partnering with USound.”

-Ronald Yuan, Director of R&D, Luxshare-ICT

Gemini 2.0: Combining a MEMS Tweeter with an Electrodynamic Woofer

Gemini 2.0 audio module comprises Luxshare’s electrodynamic woofer and USound’s Conamara MEMS tweeter. Designed to perform well above 20 kHz, it provides excellent audio performance that exceeds the strict requirements of TWS and IEMs’ manufacturers. Luxshare’s woofer facilitates greater compliance, improving the sound pressure level (SPL) in high-leak scenarios. Additionally, the Conamara MEMS tweeter provides outstanding audio clarity and high-frequency extension.

Due to its compact size, Gemini 2.0 can be seamlessly integrated into miniaturized devices, such as wireless earbuds. The adjustable crossover enables customers to deliver their desired audio experience, while its excellent performance in high-leak scenarios makes Gemini 2.0 the ideal solution for active noise canceling (ANC) earphones.

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