MEMS Speakers in the Spotlight: USound’s Presence at CES 2024

The biggest electronics show in the world ended last week. USound witnessed it all.

A team of skilled sales managers and engineers represented USound at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) in Las Vegas, Nevada, which took place between January 9-12, 2024. CES® 2024 was nothing less than spectacular, with hundreds of thousands of tech enthusiasts heading to the Mojave desert to witness the latest developments from the world’s most revolutionary tech companies. This was a great opportunity for USound to showcase its audio products, including its latest Conamara MEMS speaker design, its Tarvos 1.0 ASIC linear amplifier, and numerous evaluation kits and reference designs.

USound’s representatives uncovered the power of MEMS at The Venetian, Suite 29-325. From left to right: Antonio Di Rosso, Andrea Greco, Konstantin Davy.

Suite 29-325: A Meeting Point for Innovators

Our talented team was also able to connect with key players in the audio industry, discussing future projects and collaborations that follow the latest industry trends and market demands. As stated by our representatives, the event was a great success. At The Venetian, suite 29-325, USound’s base this year, turned into a busy meeting point for innovators from all over the world. The visitors were able to witness first-hand one of the thinnest speakers on the market, which has been the first one to reach space, while testing state-of-the-art MEMS-based products, such as the MRI-compatible headphones from NordicNeuroLabs. The feedback was more than encouraging, while some of the visitors were positively surprised by the unprecedented acoustic performance of our tiny yet powerful speakers. Due to that, many more fascinating MEMS-based projects are expected in the near future.

Suite 29-325 turned into a meeting point for innovators.

MEMS Speakers in the Spotlight

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) gained the interest of curious tech enthusiasts at the main exhibition area, the exhibitor suites at The Venetian comprised the strategic arena of conducting business. Product designers, manufacturers, purchase and sales managers looked for the next innovative product or component that will disrupt the tech industry. When it comes to audio solutions, the message was loud and clear: MEMS speakers are not only here to stay, but also to dominate the market in 2024.

Already since the summer of 2023, big media houses noticed the tiny hidden hero behind life-changing devices, such as true wireless (TWS) earphones and over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. In July, The Wall Street Journal announced that “speakers the size of an asterisk have the potential to change the way we reproduce sound, cope with hearing loss—and even make objects in virtual reality feel real”, while naming USound an industry leader.

Visitors had the opportunity to try NordicNeuroLabs’ MRI-compatible headphones with the integrated USound’s MEMS speakers.

In the fall of the same year, USound was once again in the spotlight after its audio components were selected for a complex space synthesizer project named BlueMarble. The latter is the first-ever music synthesizer that can only work in space, while it is meant to be used for sound experimentation. The instrument consists of a pressurized capsule, a network of sensors in a low earth orbit satellite, and a web-based interface for people to play with here on Earth. The synthesizer incorporated USound’s Conamara full-range speakers and tweeters, which are known for their thin form and robustness. Their tiny size, non-magnetic properties, and reduced power consumption offer unlimited design freedom, even in the absence of gravity.

Moreover, recent market trends, such as OTC hearing aids, have increased the interest in tiny and robust audio components. MEMS speakers, particularly USound MEMS speakers, are the perfect solution for these end applications that are set to change the lives of millions. Naturally, the audio components were sought out during the event by global designers of OTC medical audio devices.

Soranik’s MEMS-based in-ear monitor (IEM) device was also tested by interested visitors.

About CES®

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) is an annual event that offers the opportunity for end consumers to see the latest technological developments. Moreover, tech companies are able to get together and initiate fruitful collaborations. This year, the event takes place in multiple locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, including The Venetian® Resort.

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